Certification steps

Summary of the operational phases in the certification process according to the ISO 25639: 2008 regulation and the PROPRIETARY PROTOCOL FOR ACCREDIA “12/116 / CR13c / C11”

The certification

  • The ISO 25639: 2008 certification is a “product certification” and certifies that the trade fair statistical data relating to a specific edition of a trade fair event have been collected and processed by the organizer in accordance with the aforementioned standard.
  • Trade fair statistics means a collection of tables, showing in analytical form the distribution, by geographic areas and by type, of the total number of exhibitors, visitors and visits, exhibition areas and congress events.

Certification request

While giving the assignment to ISFCERT, by logging in with the credentials to the reserved area on www.isfcert.it, the organiser will electronically fill out the form 01.00 containing the information regarding the event being certified and the macro statistical data regarding its previous edition.

Period: 6 months before the start of the event reduced to 3 months for events that take place every six months.

Preliminary investigation

The Organizer will provide the usuful data for the preparation of the inspection visit such as:

  • List of exhibitors divided between direct, indirect, foreign and national, indicating for each of them which area and position they occupy;
  • (Provisional) plan of the event,
  • List (even provisional) of congress events, workshops and similar;
  • Event catalog (if available);

Period: 5 days before the start of the event or at the end of the registration for exhibitors.

Field verification

The inspection visit during the event involves the exam of a sample of exhibitors and the surfaces occupied by them and the ways to access the event during the course of the event. The inspector will carry out this visit in complete autonomy and without the need for assistance from the organiser’s staff, except for the inspection of the entrances counting system.

Period: during the event (1 or 2 days).


If necessary, in the days following the event, useful documentary insights may be requested to complete the investigation.

Period: within 10/15 days after the end of the event.

Statistical Tables

The organizer will electronically fill out, with access reserved to the ISFCERT CRM, the statistical tables regarding the data subject to certification. These data will be examined and verified by the inspector who will check their consistency with the document base and what has been inspected by them.

Period: within 20 days after the end of the event.

Certification Deliberation

The Deliberation Committee, independent body of ISFCERT, will examine the report produced by the inspector and the documents they collect and decide wether to grant the certification.

Period: within 40 days from the end of the event.

Certification is the only tool that endorses the transparency and impartiality of trade fair statistics.
The certified data are the guarantee of the real value of the events.