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AEFI – Associazione Esposizioni e Fiere Italiane ( Italian Exhibition and Trade Fair Association)
represents the interests of the national trade fair industry: 36 Associated Exhibition Authorities hosting more than 1,000 events per year. On behalf of these associates, AEFI is taking action towards the Parliament and the Government so that the Italian trade fair industry can better face the international competition. Similar action is being taken at a Regional level, so that the transformation process currently underway may continue.

AEFI initiatives to increase the international nature of Italy’s trade fairs: collaboration with the Ministero degli Esteri, (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) the Ministero delle Attività Produttive (Ministry of Productive Activities) and ICE (the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade); availability for foreign exhibitors and visitors; rationalisation of programs of initiatives for the main foreign markets.

AEFI stimulates exchanges with similar associations at an international level: it represents Italy’s trade fairs at the International Fairs Union (Union des Foires Internationales, UFI).

AEFI informs both exhibitors and visitors about the dates, venues and types of events to be held in Italy: Every year, the Association and the Ministero delle Attività Produttive (Ministry of Productive Activities) publish the official calendar and the statistical data of Italian trade fairs that have international recognition. These publications create a world-wide promotion tool.

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CFI – Comitato Fiere Industria

The Trade Fair Industry Committee – CFI for short – based in Milan, is the Association of Trade Fair Organizers operating in the Italian trade fair industry that are identified by the Ateco codes assigned by Confindustria to its competent organisers and representatives.

CFI is associated with Confindustria, according to the provisions of article 5 of the Confederal Statute, and therefore have rights and obligations. It has to a dopt the logo and other distinctive signs of the system as established by the Confindustria Regulations.

It takes part, together with Confindustria and its Associates, in the process of developing the Italian company, contributing to the affirmation of an innovative, internationalized, sustainable entrepreneurial system, capable of promoting the country’s economic, social, civil and cultural growth.

CFI is autonomous, impartial and independent from any external influence. It guides and inspires its own organizational behaviors and its own functioning in the Code of Ethics and of associative values of Confindustria which is an integral part of the Statute.

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CFT – Comitato Fiere Terziario
Associazione di Confcommercio per le Fiere

CCFT is the Italian association of organizers of exhibitions dedicated to the tertiary system in the area of Milan, with the aim of developing and enhancing the national fair heritage related to it.

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ISFCERT certifies the fundamental information in relation  to trade fairs in order to:

  • promote the trade fair industry internationally by encouraging the use of the standard for measuring trade fair statistics ISO25639: 2008;
  • protect the right to have concrete and precise information for those attending trade fairs in order to know the real value of the event;
  • strengthen the credibility and the ranking of trade fairs on the national and international markets
  • create a feeling of trust in the trade fair event from foreign participants



  • number of visitors and visits
  • number of  foreign and domestic visitors
  • number of general and/or trade visitors


  • number of exhibitors
  • number of main exhibitors, co- exhibitors, represented companies
  • number of foreign and domestic exhibitors

Exhibition area:

  • measurement and type of the rented exhibition area
  • measurement of the exhibition area occupied by the event
  • number of congress events, seminars, workshops, etc

Conference activity:

  • number of congress events, seminars, workshops, etc

Certification is the only tool that endorses the transparency and impartiality of trade fair statistics.
The certified data are the guarantee of the real value of the events.