• Since 2005 It’s a Certification Body recognized by the Observatory for the Italian Exhibition System by the Conference of the Presidents of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces (Italian government agency)
  • Since 2012 It’s a Certification Body for the ISO 25639: 2008 standard accredited by Accredia (Body designated by the Italian government to certify the competence, independence and impartiality of the bodies and laboratories that verify the compliance of goods and services with the standards ) ISO 17065: 2012
  • Since 2013 It’s an UFI Accredited Auditors enabled to issue the UFI STANDARD AUDIT CERTIFICATE (Union Fair International – global association of the world’s tradeshow organisers and exhibition centre operators)


ISFCERT certifies the fundamental information in relation  to trade fairs in order to:

  • promote the trade fair industry internationally by encouraging the use of the standard for measuring trade fair statistics ISO25639: 2008;
  • protect the right to have concrete and precise information for those attending trade fairs in order to know the real value of the event;
  • strengthen the credibility and the ranking of trade fairs on the national and international markets
  • create a feeling of trust in the trade fair event from foreign participants



  • number of visitors and visits
  • number of  foreign and domestic visitors
  • number of general and/or trade visitors


  • number of exhibitors
  • number of main exhibitors, co- exhibitors, represented companies
  • number of foreign and domestic exhibitors

Exhibition area:

  • measurement and type of the rented exhibition area
  • measurement of the exhibition area occupied by the event
  • number of congress events, seminars, workshops, etc

Conference activity:

  • number of congress events, seminars, workshops, etc

Certification is the only tool that endorses the transparency and impartiality of trade fair statistics.
The certified data are the guarantee of the real value of the events.